2020: Just Do It!

Happy New Year everyone. It feels so strange to be back and writing my blogs again. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas break spending with friends and family. Sadly, I spent my holiday all alone in and out of the hospital. I am about 5 weeks being at home still ill. Can you imagine that? The flu and bacterial infections have been spreading all around the world. But I won’t let this bring me down. I am super grateful to be alive still.

With the years going by so fast I wanted to share a reminder for the ‘thinkers’ to become ‘doers’.

As the year 2020 is finally here I want everyone to do this challenge. I call it the ‘ Just Do It Challenge’. Anything you enjoy or desire doing just do it. Not sure how to make a start? Then start doing research or network. 2020 should be the year of getting out there and doing everything you ever said you wanted to do. Believe in yourself because no one else will as much as you can for you. With self confidence you will be unstoppable. Realising your worth is so important. Knowing your self worth can transform your life for the better. Being consistent with what you love doing is so important as well. At the end good results will be the outcome.

Remember all year long ‘ Just Do It!’

This is for you, not anyone else. Do things for you and not to please anyone. This is your year. Take it and be resourceful with it.

Happy New Year once again!

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