I am 23 years old originally from an Island called ‘Anguilla’ located in the Caribbean. I am currently undertaking my Business Management degree in a big city called ‘Manchester’ in the UK. As a Brand Ambassador & Student in my spare time, I enjoy browsing the web to keep up with the trends, making strategic plans, listening to music. Well, known names such as Richard Branson, Sir Allan Sugar which give me an even more enquiring mind in Business Management. I have recognised that leadership was one of my key skills. I am sincerely interested in the development, running a business, strategic planning, determination, hard work and also things I discovered myself to be naturally good at are being a leader, problem-solving, thorough thought analysis, making tough decisions and teamwork. I also created a business plan as I aspire to one day establish and run my own business in various business fields such as fashion etc.. After the passing of my mom I have a different way of thinking about life. I am a doer and a thinker and I plan to make her proud. “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.” And that is exactly who I am as a person. This is just the beginning of my life journey. Welcome..