The next big thing in ancient Jewellery

About Wolf and Zephyr

Tori Shay created this brand to capture bohemian chic style in the art of jewellery. Her ultimate goal in creating this was to create a crafted design that is both durable and full of character. After searching for pieces that represent her sense of style and the use of high-quality materials, most brands have fallen short. Wolf and Zephyr were born as a result of her new step of taking matters into her own hands by creating everlasting pieces with high quality designs. Their goal when selling vintage items is for all customers to feel good. Their designs are linked to creating a storey based on ancient history in time while carrying out ethical practises to support various societal causes.

They want more confidence from each and every individual style of choice by allowing their customers to feel good through a background of insight into ancient jewellery. Each piece is designed in the United Kingdom and handcrafted by artisans in their ethical workshop in India. Tori’s background of failing to find the right jewellery pieces in the market has led to her main focus for her brand now being to pay close attention to detail, quality, and ethical practises while creating each of her wonderful jewellery pieces. Their jewellery is made of sterling silver, gold vermeil, 14ct gold, and gemstones. Tori continues to make a statement in the jewellery market and pays close attention to their well-designed pieces in order to have a positive impact in the industry.

Discovering Ancient Jewellery

It is amazing to see how ancient pieces are making a comeback in modern day. In ancient history, Egypt rose to prominence as a dominant civilisation. They were given more power as a result of technological advancements and access to gemstones and precious metals. They were inspired by the culture of royalty and nobles who had a deep appreciation for luxury, and it wasn’t long before they became the dominant force in jewellery manufacturing and creating long-lasting trends. The discovery of gold was possibly the defining moment in the rise of Egyptian jewellery. This enabled Egyptians to amass vast quantities of the metal, which was the ideal material for intricate Egyptian jewellery designs.

Insight around Vermeil Gold
Jewellery is a universal form of adornment. Over a period of time, metalworking techniques became more sophisticated and advanced within decoration of more intricate. Vermeil jewellery is currently trendy as it gives the perfect premium finish with both quality and value.
There are numerous advantages to using gold vermeil. It is inexpensive and of high quality; it will not tarnish like most jewellery on the market. It is suitable for everyday use and has been proven to be hypoallergenic; it is suitable for all skin types. For someone with allergies, such as myself, this is the jewellery style I’ve chosen.

A Brand of Ethical Boutique Jewellery

Egyptian Coin Necklace Gold Vermeil (18”)

With its rich history and cultural background, this beautifully crafted Cleopatra Ancient Egyptian coin carries significant weight. Cleopatra of the Nile is featured in this pendant. Her success, intelligence, bravery, and beauty were well known. She was the last active ruler of Egypt’s Ptolemaic Kingdom, ruling from 51 to 30 BC. Cleopatra has always been portrayed as a goddess in the minds of those who speak of her. Wearing a piece like this demonstrates a person’s connection to history, as it has a significant deep meaning to it all. Getting all of the detail structuring of her face onto this coin and finishing with a premium quality gold. In the sunlight, this lovely piece glows like the goddess she is. Wearing such a powerful piece with so many stories; this is undoubtedly a piece that would encourage and support individuals’ confidence in feeling and looking good throughout the day. This necklace is 18 inches long and sits comfortably on the middle of the chest. This necklace can be worn with almost anything fashionable. When styling, this can stand alone or be layered with other necklaces. This is a fun and free vintage piece that is suggested to be customised to your own taste because it is all about you and feeling at ease.

It is lightweight to wear, and the Arabic numerials on both sides of the coin tie this lovely piece together. The chain connected to the coin gives a balance of everything overall with a beautiful combination.

You may wonder why Wolf and Zephyr were chosen. Not only do they care about the environment and believe in spiritually uplifting their customers through these beautiful pieces, but they also make their products by hand to reduce their environmental impact. Each of their pieces has a beautiful storey behind it and is reasonably priced. They have demonstrated how important their customers are to them by ensuring that they have appropriate products that can be tailored individually. It’s a plus that they use vermeil gold.

Everything looks better with gold. Who doesn’t adore a good gold necklace?

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