My Solo Trip: Ibiza

Sant Antoni de Portmany or San Antonio

I am super happy to be back and share some travel goodies with you all! I travelled to an island called Ibiza located in Spain on my own and it was absolutely beautiful. I stayed in the most popular area in Ibiza called ‘ San Antonio’. San Antonio is a lively resort set in a beautiful open bay, with legendary sunset cafés and clubs, a huge amount of water activities and a contagious buzzing atmosphere. Sant Antoni de Portmany or San Antonio is a town on the western coast of Ibiza. It is the second-largest town and municipality in Ibiza.

Taxi’s in Ibiza

Before arrival I booked with Rideways for a private pick up at the Ibiza Airport. The total of this was £59.93 and this does not include returning back to the airport. I waited a few minutes extra on my driver as he was not there. I called the company and luckily my driver showed up holding a welcome sign with my name on it. The welcoming from my driver was not too pleasant to be honest. I had to stroll with my bags to the transportation while my driver is full speed ahead of me. But nevertheless, these things to me or minor. It took about 20 minutes to get to the hotel.

On my arrival I thought that Ibiza would have Ubers available but guess again. Ibiza does not use Uber, I repeat they do not use Uber! There’s a app called ‘ TAXI IBIZA’. You can book via on the app for a taxi anywhere at anytime. The only issue is that the service is slow. The taxi services out there are not so good. I’ve waited for an hour + on a taxi and that’s just ridiculous. Getting a taxi from the hotel was quick and reliable but getting back to the hotel was hectic using other taxi’s.

Flight with ThomasCook Airline

I booked my flight via Cheapoair which is a travel agency. They can try their absolute best on getting great travel deals. My trip was from May 11th, 2019 – May 15th, 2019. My flight was at 5:25 am and I arrived into Ibiza 9:20 am. There is a bit of time difference though. Ibiza is one hour ahead of the UK time zone. And returning the flight time was 10:40 am Ibiza time and arriving back to the UK at 12:30pm (UK TIME). From the UK to Ibiza is around 2 hours & 40 minutes. The cost of the flight was £115.07 + luggage I was charged for one suitcase £65.00. Total of flight overall £180.07 almost £200. Oh and let’s not forget how I almost missed my flight. Luckily I arrived onboard with just seconds left. After being so exhausted, my entire flight was super load heading to Ibiza OMG! The worst ever. My thing is why would an airline continue serving individuals who already had too much to drink? I think these sort of things needs to be fixed. Because it makes others feel uncomfortable on flights.


I exchanged money at TUI and I think I got ripped off. After reading reviews online I see why now most people exchange elsewhere. I had no choice as this place is more closer to me. I paid £90+ for 100 euros. When I arrived I still exchanged money. In total I had €400 but this is a bit higher as I had some professional pictures done in Ibiza which costed €150.

Ibiza is quite expensive. A Daiquiri Frozen at the hotel is for €8.50 & a Chupito Absolut was for €3.00 + the hotel adds 10% IVA which is €1.05 but this varies. Ocean Beach Club is very expensive which would be expected. As this is a very popular beach club.

Hotel Abrat

Hotel Abrat is an excellent choice for travellers visiting Sant Antoni de Portmany, offering a charming environment alongside many helpful amenities designed to enhance your stay. Punta Galera (1.3 mi), located nearby, makes Hotel Abrat a great place to stay for those interested in visiting this popular Sant Antoni de Portmany landmark. Hotel Abrat offers guests an array of room amenities including a flat screen TV, air conditioning, and a refrigerator, and getting online is possible, as free wifi is available. The hotel offers 24 hour front desk, a sun terrace, and currency exchange, to make your visit even more pleasant. The property also features a pool and an on-site restaurant. Guests arriving by vehicle have access to parking. While you’re here, be sure to check out some of the French restaurants, including El bistro de Stephan, Les Planches Ibiza, and Panaria, all of which are a short distance from Hotel Abrat.

Checking into the hotel I had to wait for my room to become available along with other travellers who were waiting. Everyone at the hotel were very friendly I must say even to the bartender. I had such lovely nights downstairs at the bar. The bar closes at 1 am. When my room was available I was blown away by the view and the state of condition. Everything was on point! There are lifts available with weather updates on a little tv which I thought was pretty great. I mean a tv in a elevator? Come on now!

The wifi/ mobile service in Ibiza is horrible. Whenever I go into my room the wifi would always disconnect but when I am downstairs it connects to the internet.

I had breakfast included in my stay. The breakfast buffet is available from 8 am. The breakfast was lovely with a stunning view in the morning.

Hotel Total: £320= €365.51 (4 nights 1 room twin room with sea view)

Restaurant Recommendations:

  • Tapas Ibiza Restaurant
  • Nikki Beach
  • SunSeaBar
  • Mint Lounge
  • Mambo Bar

Ibiza Soca Festival 2019

The main purpose of my trip was to work and attend to the Ibiza soca festival. Let me just say if you missed this one you should look into it next year. So many soca artist with amazing performances along with DJ’s. Different events such as:

  • All White Pool Party
  • Ibiza Carnival Wear
  • Soca Slumber Party
  • Silent Headphone Party

5 days of sun, fun and fete ! Performances from Machel Montano, Marzville and many more well known soca artist. Everyone at each event felt like family. If you do attend next year and it’s your first time not to worry. Everyone makes you feel so welcomed!

I purchased the extended ticket which was £250 but this ticket is not the package one that includes staying at the Hotel where the main events were held (Ibiza Rocks Hotel). The last event was amazing! During the day the last event was held at OBeach Ibiza. Stunning venue let me just say that. For one glass of a margarita it costed €13.00. €13? IKR! That’s a bit expensive. So just be mindful when arriving there because it does add up. There was a after party at a club called ‘ RIO’. Let me just say what an epic club with stunning views overlooking the beautiful sea.

If you ever think to take a visit to Ibiza this summer or any other time do enjoy your stay in Sant Antoni de Portmany!

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