Winter Skin 101 Ft. Skintology Stockholm

Fresh Start Sheet Mask Kit- 349 SEK

Hey everyone! Let’s grab some hot chocolate because it’s winter time and snowing in most countries. I know my city is snowing so let’s get into another skin routine. I am super excited to give you all another insight on a unique skin care brand. Skintology Stockholm is a Swedish skincare brand founded just last year. All their products are developed in Sweden with qualified skin therapists. I love their slogan which states no-nonsense skin care to help you on your way. Be the better you. I mean come on now ladies and gents it’s winter time. Which means our skin will be super dry and flaky like mines right now. In order to tame this we must take some time out our day. That day is called ‘ SELF-CARE DAY’.  

Think of it this way if you have to go to school or work would you really show up with extremely dry skin? No right? Exactly !

Skintology Stockholm offers worldwide shipping, free shipping on all orders over 195 SEK within Sweden and for all international orders over 495 SEK. 

They have prices varying from £9 onwards depending on the product chosen. I got the FRESH START SHEET MASK KIT which is £30.00. This kit contains  4 fresh start sheet masks. 

The steps to applying this masks are simply easy.

  1. Remove the protective cover
  2. Place the mask over the face
  3. Remove remaining protective cover and smooth the mask over the face
  4. Leave the mask for 20-30 minutes
  5. Remove mask and gently pat remaining serum into the skin

They also recommend using this mask 1-2 times a week and it is suitable for all skin types. At the moment I still suffer from Dermatitis and my face is super flaky. But since I have used this it has done no harm to my skin. When I’m doing my reviews you know I’m always honest. And I won’t be telling you this if it wasn’t so unique. 

I have a surprise as well you can get 15% off any purchase by using my code: URSTRULY15 

That’s how much I care about all my supporters! Visit them and trust me you won’t regret it.

Instagram: @skintologystockholm

#skintologystockholm #myskintology

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