Spain in December ?

December 5th (Wednesday) was my birthday!I’ve been super busy lately and I just needed a BREAK! And yes I did went to Spain solo. Sometimes we lose focus on ourselves for others by doing more for others than doing more for ourselves. I woke up one morning and decided to book my way to Torremolinos in Spain to roll in 24. I went to Torremolinos, Malaga, Seville, Benalmádena (Costa Del Sol).

Booked with is a travel fare aggregator website and travel metasearch engine for lodging reservations. is one of the largest e-commerce in the world currently. The customer service to my opinion is excellent and all the process of booking accommodation is quick & easy. They do packages, flights, discount excursions, rentals, taxis etc.

I booked a personal private taxi through from Malaga Airport to my first accommodation which took approximately 4 minutes. The cost of this was £17.77 (€20.00) the taxi providers were called Rideways. I picked out two places to try out and this I do not regret.


I booked my flight directly through their website. The cost of my flight was £138.23 including return. The weather was lovely until Thursday it decided to change up a bit. On Friday it was really foggy which caused my flight to be diverted. They had to land in Granada for safety. We waited for more than 4 hours. When we got on board we were told that the jet has been giving problems with the engine etc. They had to replace something on the jet and charge it + refuel it. We were moving so slow due to this and the pilot informed us that if we do see any smoke to do not panic. In my mind I’m like what? Wait !? What?! Landing back was very bumpy and we had to wait because of this issue. We had another jet around in the area checking to see that we have landed safely. It was the most scariest thing ever ! I got home safely in the end around 8 pm. My flight was since 10 am so you can only imagined! Oh and did I mentioned I got stopped by the police 3 times because no one believed that I was the person in my passport picture. Crazy huh? + I got double searched what a stressful Friday I had. But I’m thankful to be home safe; this is more important.

Apartamento Turístico Torremolinos

I picked out this accommodation because of view and the location. Cristian the owner was very lovely and I kept in touch with his wife via what’s app which is very easy and quick. This apartment is location on the 10th floor with pool view, sea view and mountain view. The sofa can turn into a bed and there’s another bed that pulls out from the wall in the viewing section. It was super clean with your own kitchenette, private bathroom, access elevator etc. They have 13 floors so it’s pretty high. The only down fall this place had were getting food which you would have to on your own and only one channel showing in English (News channel). They have free WiFi but the use of towels are fee charge, sheets etc. The check in time says 5 pm but the owner allowed me to check in earlier which was very thoughtful of them. I stayed 2 nights here and let me just say waking up with a view like that was EPIC! The total cost for this is shown below:

My payment was done directly through one time. Normally you can book and pay later but this wasn’t accepted for this property which wasn’t a major issue. There’s a near by small grocery shop and a Italian Restaurant which sell delicious pizza’s etc. Be aware that December 6th in Spain its a holiday where most places are closed. The restaurant was closed on this day I ended up going to a near by bar which had little food portions of fish etc to choose from which wasn’t bad. The fish came cold but I just simply popped it in the microwave when I got back to the apartment and eat it while watching the mountain views. This property can hold up to 4 persons. The pizza cost me €6 estimate & the fish from the bar cost me I think €3.50. At the shop I got some snacks and drinks which cost around €10. Despite the minor setbacks I would definitely be back here ! I would highly recommend staying here especially to bloggers who want to capture amazing content.

Location – LA COLINA , NR 1 planta 10 EDIFICIO LA TORRE , AP 1039, 29620 Torremolinos, Spain

Arcos de montemar

I got the twin room with balcony room on the 1st floor. This hotel has 3 floors with a pool. This hotel is so beautiful from the pool area to the room! This bedroom was big and the bathroom as well was a very good size. I had the biggest balcony on the first floor which was very amazing. It actually made me feel special haha. Downstairs the hotel their is a bar which closes midnight and a 24 hr receptionist. Also downstairs you can get snacks and drinks from the mini fridge which have different cost. A soda for me cost €2 and the snack I can’t remember but it costed around €2.90 I’m not sure. I had a burger and fries as room service which costed €6.00 I think and my ham & cheese sandwich with fries costed €4.50 I believe. The prices were really good and the service. They speak very good English which is a plus ! The food tasted lovely. Another advantage of this place comparing the other was how convenient getting food was. It’s near to sight seeing.

It’s 10-15 mins away from the Airport which is good. The cost of this as shown below for one night:

Please be aware that prices do change these prices may differ during each season etc.

They have a lovely breakfast buffet which costed €6 if you wanted to included breakfast only then it would be €5 I would recommend just paying the extra €1 for the buffet. It was super delicious !

Location- Avenida de Carlota Alessandri, 192, 29620 Torremolinos, Spain

Uber in Spain

Around €50 spent on uber. Be aware of some of the drivers not being able to understand English. I remembered booking one uber driver and it showed that he’s outside when I got there I saw no one. Then after 1 minute he cancelled on me I was shocked. That cost me €3.50. Yup I paid €3.50 and never got the uber. This happened about 3 times and I was getting really annoyed and hopeless. I finally got one taxi and he couldn’t speak good English but he tried to apologise for this which was so nice of him but he didn’t need to do that.

Bahía de Tanit Beach Club

I went to Bahía de Tanit Beach Club on my birthday for lunch and it was absolutely stunning ! Having cocktails on the beach while watching the jets pass by I mean what more can I ask for ?

My total spent here was €36.00 including tax. I then stroll along the boardwalk going to different bars etc. This is a very nice area to go out when you are in Torremolinos ( Paseo Marítimo Los Alamos).

This one night cost me around €70 including taxi getting back. The taxi was super friendly very nice conversation haha he told me I was beautiful which was so sweet of him. The people of Spain are super friendly ! I would definitely recommend anyone to go and visit. Sometimes we all just need that mini break where we can have everything to ourselves. Some of us are too busy wishing to live like others and not focusing on working to get to that place in our lives. I don’t regret going to Spain alone. The total of my trip costed around €494.00 (£442.00). I would round it up and just say £450.00 as the total. I hope you guys find this post useful or one day it would become useful. I would do it all over again! Incredible Country! hasta la proxima vez Spain! Until next time 🙂

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