Chefs Collection X Emma Bridgewater (Kitchenware)

I received some goodies and I want to share with you guys that good good for your kitchen! Chefs Collection was founded in 2016 in Norwich, UK. When they first started out, their passion for cooking as a professional in either Catering Environment or Home Kitchen drove them to contact master brands in their fields and give the best prices accessible to anyone into cooking. I received these items below:

  • Set 2 Tea Towels EB Spring Floral- £15.00
  • Apron BE Spring Floral- £24.95
  • Dog EB Spring Floral- £17.95

These items are super cute! The packaging was excellent as well. The material, patterns/ designs, texture is amazing. Finding out about this collaboration I was super excited to try them out and trust me I do not regret it. They have packs varying from £50.00 & you can choose from a variety of different prints. It’s the season to get those fresh tea towels and other lovely kitchenware to set the tone throughout your accommodation. So why wait? I’ve started using mines. Thanks Chefscollection now my kitchen is set for the season!

Direct link provided below to these goodies!


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