Ego Official – HIT OR MISS?

Hey everyone I’m back with some SHOE TEA! I can’t help it I’m a sucker for shoes. I mean who doesn’t like shoes? Come on now.

I’ve discovered Ego UK through Instagram. A lot of bloggers are mostly posting content for them so I wondered what really is this brand? Came to find out they specialise in some really nice shoes for Women and they always have SALE. I instantly headed straight to their website. And there it was right in the header ‘ SHOES FOR 50% OFF ‘. My eyes opened so wide. I began looking for some Autumn shoes like boots. I came across some nude sock boots. I’ve never owned a pair of sock boots so I got them to add into my collection. Now I have big feet so it’s sometimes a pain looking for shoes. I wear a size 10 US. YIKES! I know, I know call me big foot haha. The shoes took about 3 days and it was well packaged.

Another downfall I would say is that there is no attached postage sticker incase you wanted to post back the item. You will have to go online search for the address and print it out which can be time consuming for the buyer. When I opened my package I started dancing around with my box of shoes like a kid. The packaging was nice I’ll give them that. INSPECTION TIME! I’m always inspecting my shoes. I was a little disappointed. One of my boots came with a stain as seen in the picture. I spotted dry glue as well on the sides.

I mean I was just speechless. I haven’t seen any blogger discuss this about the shoes. It’s always good feedback. I mean my shoes could have been worse. The fit was lovely and shoes are very comfortable. The back of the top of the shoes have space when I’m wearing it on its own so I’m guessing I’ll have to wear them with some jeans or something. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad of a first try so I will be ordering again to see but if there’s any fault again I won’t be ordering again from them.

From far these shoes are lovely you wouldn’t spot the stains etc in any pictures but I’ll rate them 8/10. We’ll see how my next shoes from them turn out. Hope this new shoe blog was very useful for those of you who haven’t heard of EGOOFFFICIAL. Below I’ve attached their website. Have a look & enjoy.

Details of item: Rolo Pointed Toe Sock Boot In Nude Lycra
Size (UK) 8
Shipping & Handling
Discount (TAKE50)
Grand Total

Link to shoes-


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