My Trip to Anguilla Pt1.

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Worst Top 3 Places to Eat In Anguilla for Dinner/ Lunch

– Roy’s BaySide Grill

Location: SandyGround

Creole Mahi Mahi

On my arrival to Roy’s Restaurant the service was a nightmare. No one greeted me and also the wait was extremely long for someone to take my order. My dish unfortunately was a hit & miss. The food was cold I’m just in shocked a few years ago this restaurant had the best dishes on the island but I guess not anymore.

English Rose

Not much to be said about this other than this is the worst burger and fries I’ve ever had. I mean how can you mess this up? The fries weren’t fresh everything was just cold.

– Pizza King 

This spot is by far the worse local pizza place to  eat from. My last pizza were too salty and the crust at the back were extremely burnt. Not worth the money.

Best Top 3 Places to Eat In Anguilla for Lunch/ Dinner

– StrawHat Restaurant (Frangipani Resort)

Location: West End (Meads Bay)

StrawHat Restaurant is highly recommendable to all tourist. What an amazing time I had. The service was A1 and the food was just delicious. The view is amazing I mean what more can you ask for ? Sitting having dinner watching the waves that’s everything. Oh! Let’s not forget their flower wall to take beautiful pictures if your a blogger this place you should definitely check out.

  • Falcon Nest Restaurant

Location: Island Harbour (Beach)

Fish Bits

Grilled Shrimp with two side options (fries & rice and peas)


I’ve been to Falcon Nest more than once and I do not regret it every time I go. The service is rapid and the staff members are super friendly. It’s a Restaurant & Bar located on Island Harbour Beach. The prices are reasonable ($$-$$$). The food takes less than 20 minutes to come right at your table.

Fourseasons Sunset Lounge (Sushi bar)

The shrimp were super spicy just how I love my food. The service, view is stunning. The strawberry Daiquiri is to die for ahhh so tasty!

Here are some other places to keep in mind when travelling to Anguilla: Waves, Ken’s BBQ, Pit Stop Island Harbour, BBQ Guy locates in SouthHill P.S I still think his BBQ Ribs are the best on the island, Paper BBQ, Veya, Davida’s.

Ken’s BBQ


Craving Pizza? Look no further the best Pizza spot in Anguilla is no other than some good old J&J pizza located in SouthHill.



When travelling to Anguilla for Carnival the best events to attend are:

1. Jouvert / Biggest Caribbean Beach Party

2. EyesWideshut

3. PokerRun

4. Parade of Troupes

I made this blog very quick and easy to read for my viewers. I hope this is useful to anyone who is planning to travel to Anguilla. Stay tuned for Pt2. 

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