Uber Sonic Club- Sonic Toothbrush

I received a German engineered toothbrush and teeth whitening kit over the week. Let me just start off by saying how sophisticated the packaging is. The packaging is absolutely stunning it makes you feel like your getting more than just a toothbrush. The packaging is just luxurious. The product comes with a manual booklet with directions on how to charge the toothbrush etc. I’ve felt many electronic toothbrushes before but this one stands out. It feels like I’m holding 30k gold ha. It comes with both a charger and a cover with the toothbrush. With a silver tone to the handle, it sets the luxurious features to it. A mix of White, Black and Silver looks elegant. The brush is very slim in hand, with just a 2cm diameter. Some might debate it is almost too slim and there is nothing in the way of grips on the handle.  


The closest thing to this is the concave power button that sits in the upper third of the brush handle. White in colour, the round button contrasts against the silver and provides a fairly tactile response. To power on the brush, simply press the power button once and the brush powers on, launching into the one and only cleaning mode. The handle is sealed and is water resistant. The brush does not offer Bluetooth connectivity like some of the newer models from competing brands nor does it offer a travel case which is a downfall for the brand. Another downfall of this is there’s no pressure sensor in the toothbrush which can be a bit risky. The whitening kit comes with a new formula including 2 mouth trays and 10 ml gel. This kit comes with instructions on how to do this home treatment safely/ properly step by step. 

With my own hands-on testing has revealed it lasts for 50 cleaning sessions lasting 2 minutes.  That is 100 minutes of usage time or 25 days use from the built-in Lithium-Ion battery. Apart from this, the pricing is really decent.


What’s in the box

  1. Uber Sonic electric toothbrush
  2. Charging station
  3. 1 x brush head
  4. Documentation
  5. Whitening kit (received 1 month after toothbrush)
  6. 2 x brush head refill kit (received 1 month after toothbrush)

The positives

  1. Subscription – It is a novel and very current way of offering up dental health services.
  2. Design – It is a very slim and fairly premium handle given the price paid.
  3. Built-in timer 
  4. Clean – The resulting clean from brushing feels good.
  5. Battery life – Over 3 weeks battery life

Key Features

  1. Sonic cleaning technology
  2. Red Dot award winner 2016
  3. Aluminum handle
  4. Built-in rechargeable battery
  5. 3 pin plug
  6. Timer
  7. Refills delivered to you


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