Life in lockdown

I hope everyone is doing  great and keeping safe during these uncertain times. Never in a million years would we all thought to be in a situation like this. Here is my journey so far during lockdown. I have been home now for almost 3 months to be exact. And all honesty its not so bad for me being at home. I love being at home away from the outside world as sometimes it gets a bit too much to deal with. But one thing I do mainly miss is going out to get to the Airport to travel. Luckily some of my occupations are based online, therefore I am able to work from home. Being able to keep myself busy is a plus and is actually helping me get through this.

This period being at home has made me reflect on a lot with my life and re-evaluate things. This time being in lockdown is draining for some but I do know its a lesson for all of us. And I do hope we understand this and learned more during this time.

The only time I am out it is for a quick run/ walk and to go to the shop. The waiting period to get into the shops are still a nightmare. The wait and some people are not respecting the rules of standing 2 metres apart its getting overwhelming. Please continue to follow these guidelines and respect others. This is one part of the lockdown I cannot wait to be over with.

I enjoy cleaning my home which is another useful activity to do to get your mind off this situation. One great sunny day I decided to vacuum my living room and guess what? My vacuum caught on fire ! There was so much sparks and smoke. I couldn’t believe this. My vacuum isn’t working anymore at a time like this ? I started worrying about my finances.

During this time as well I have been trying to get my flight money back as it is clear to not travel. I have a flight booked with Virgin Atlantic and they have so far refused to cancel my ticket. It’s getting a bit frustrating now because it’s very obvious travelling in June isn’t a sensible thing to do. My destination airport is still on lockdown. I just don’t understand why would the airline take so long to make a decision on my ticket ? I really feel sad for so many people who have had a flight booked and cannot get their refund. It’s unfair and unacceptable. In times like this people need their money. It’s only right to issue it back to those who cannot travel due to COVID-19.

With everything that’s going on what I am dealing with I then noticed this was just a little set back and I will bounce back from it. I still have food in my home and a roof over my head. I should be more grateful and stop worrying about little things like this. Sometimes it’s good to have a pep talk with yourself to get a reality check.

But I am keeping my fingers crossed for my full refund. Travelling this year is really out of the picture now.

These are my routines during lockdown

Morning Routines

  •  Pray
  • Exercise
  • Facial routine
  • Freshen up
  • Make breakfast

Afternoon Routines

  •  Sign in to work online
  • Listen to some music
  • Cook lunch
  • Eat
  • Clean

Night Routines

  • Pray
  • Freshen up
  • Night face routine

This quarantine really got your girl out here exercising. And I’m so proud of myself. I have been losing 9 K calories per week, it varies. I am super pumped up about my new healthy journey. I’m looking into making teas from scratch rather than using tea bags.

Exercising and taking care of my health is really life changing. It’s a hard journey to keep up with but I know I got this. Exercising as well is super great to ease your mind during these times.

To anyone out there feeling alone you are not alone. I live alone, I have no friends nor family members here with me. But the more I think about it the worst it will make me feel right ? Sometimes overthinking things aren’t worth it especially if we have no control over it. What I do know is we will all get through this soon. And I do hope for everything to get back to normal. A big thanks to anyone who have been hands on with work during this time whether its doctors, nurses, people who work in retail etc.

Continue being safe everyone. And be kind to one another. Much love to one and all.



6 thoughts on “Life in lockdown

    1. I know right. I don’t need to be spending my money on a vacuum right now haha I got to stock up on foods ensure these bills are paid. The worst timing indeed and thank you very much. You be safe too hun. All the best xoxo.


  1. Lockdown had me going all sorts of crazy in the beginning, but I think I’ve adjusted well now. The anxiety of the unknown virus weighed heavy on me as I took in way too much news in the first few weeks. Now, I’m just living life and adjusting accordingly.


    1. Wow I can only imagine but this is normal. I think once most of us realised this is what it is and there’s nothing we can do at this point its like okay I’m just going with the flow. This is exactly me when I realised I have no control over the situation and getting upset won’t fix things other than add more stress upon my life. I really think these things happen to us at times to give us a reality check. HA! And I’m pretty sure we got a reality check from COVID-19. All the best during this time, sending love. Continue being safe.

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    1. Thank you. Although we are in lock down we still have to keep our routines in place as though we were living our everyday normal life. With routines in place I think it gets our minds off certain things and we have something positive to look forward to. And that is great to know, keep it up! All the best during these uncertain times and continue being safe.


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